Princess Diya Kumari Foundation
Seema Jain

Breaking Barriers

Seema grew up in Sawai Madhopur and was married into a business family. Her life took a turn for the worst when her family suffered a huge business loss, throwing them into abject poverty. Her husband was forced to leave the family and search for work in Chhattisgarh and she was left alone to take care of their four children. She had never worked before and could not find any way of improving her circumstances. She was contemplating pulling her children out of school as she could not afford educating four children.

Seema saw a ray of hope when PDKF opened their center in Sawai Madhopur. She heard about the Foundation from one of her family members. She came to the Foundation and took part in the skill building program. She learned the skill of soft toy making and her life transformed.

Seema has been working with the Foundation for 5 years. She has been involved in making some of our highly sought products and has a newfound confidence in herself. She proud about the fact that, her work is bought by people from various nationalities of the world. She has been able to put her children through school and has also helped them get a good college education.

PDKF turned my life around and I would come to work at the center for as long as I can. I am highly indebted to the Foundation," says Seema, with a needle in her hand, smile on her face as she makes a beautiful pattern on a PDKF product.